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Meet the Artist

Gen X.  

Mother of 3.

Wife.  Friend. Spiritual enquirer. 


Jo lives in the surfing village of Croyde, on the North Devon coast, surrounded by the natural beauty of rolling grassed hillsides and foam topped waves.


One might expect Jo’s paintings to be a study of the landscape that she breathes in, but rather we find her at the far end of the art spectrum - a chaotic, colourful abstract dance which jumps from the wall and arrives in the room.

An eye for 'art and design' lead Jo on a winding road; from studying art in her youth, onward to a career in advertising, which in turn lead to working in interior design, before coming full circle back into creating contemporary abstract art once more.

The freedom of expression is evident in Jo’s work, reflective perhaps of her life’s journey, it’s no coincidence that personal growth, both spiritually and creatively, needed time to merge and evolve in order to deliver her to this point.


Jo’s work is bursting with vibrant colour, (often breaking rules that more traditional training teaches), working primarily with acrylics, but calling in inks, charcoal, oil sticks and pastels to make intuitive marks, add texture and detail that inject the final intrigue and visual interest in a piece.

Her art is expressive and energetic, often combining loose geometric forms amidst overlays of texture and depth. 

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Jo explains; “my work builds with each layer, inviting the viewer to look deeper, to uncover something new with each glance, to find a shape not previously seen.  This play with scale, colour balance and mark making results in a bold intuitive work which takes on a mind of its own as it evolves.  

I make no apology for the boldness of colour and often chaotic energy which shows itself in my work, created through a state of flow, almost mediative in nature,


I am able to escape into a wonderland of shapes and colour which feed my soul as I dig deep into visual expression and authenticity”.

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It will come as no surprise that no two works are ever the same, each piece shifts and changes, revealing new feelings and meaning, ever-evolving and yet, ...........there is an intrinsic link between the work that somehow feels connected and familiar in tone.  

It’s bold. It’s colourful. It’s honest art. 


It’s art to make your walls dance!

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